The Light of Eärendil – Frankia

And this is how the trail towards The Light of Eärendil begins.

The way and connection to the Cosmos, the exploration and search of messages through music and stories we can all relate to in any point we stand in our lives. Let’s look ourselves in the mirror, for this will be the understanding of hard and cold truths, truths that we will experience together.

Music by Frankia. Listen to the prologue here or read the beginning of the story next:



  • The time has come, my friend.

While he adjusted his black neon helmet on his big ass head he jumped into his craft and closed the roof glass door. While sitting down he thought.

  • What would happen when I leave? Would I get lost? No way! Besides, I’m already there.

He went all in, speed was rising and if someone would have been watching, that someone would have seen the reflection of all the lights traveling through his helmet visor, through his craft window, through his uncertain eyes. Wait, why was this guy leaving?.

  • Let’s bounce.

Red light, stop!.

  • Man, I ain’t never gonna stop.

Yellow lights, green lights.

  • Speed it up.

As he drove he turned up the music in his vintage stereo. But there was something that captured his attention, some sounds playing in the background. Do we even have rights for this music?.

  • What the fuck is that?

Neon lights, traffic lights, restaurant and bar lights all appearing and disappearing from his helmet visor. 

  • Ah man, this is gorgeous, I hope I can see this from afar.

He was talking to himself, thinking about the color of sounds, because every melody, tune and every other stupid and random thing ever said had a color, he could actually see the colors of sounds!. That’s crazy! And you had to be him to believe this, for there is no making this stuff up.

  • Well, this is nice, and with that vibe of the background, this is going somewhere. 

In the streets people were talking, people drinking, laughing and looking at their phones. Immerse, connected or disconnected from the World, from the Universe, recording themselves dancing to a new trendy tune, a challenge, never looking up.

  • And why would we? City lights have kidnapped the lights of the sky. Those damn sounds, where are they coming from?.

Maybe you should look it up, son.

  • Wait, why are you talking to me? You’re the narrator, are you allowed to?

We’re talking, ain’t we? We can do anything we want, as long as the other guy keeps typing. Besides, it is theorized that everything that you can ever think about, every possible event that comes from a single thought, can actually take place in a parallel Universe, so we are basically living in the Universe where we can have this conversation.

  • Well that sounds pretty darn cool if you ask me, for this was going to be a lonely ride.

I hid my surprise for his positive reaction, and then said: where are you going?.

  • You’ll see, I just first need to get there.

He pointed to the horizon, to the edge of the city, the border of home. He was directing his trail to the top of the mountain. And as he came close to his destination, he slowed down and later on stopped his craft. Terrible parking by the way. 

  • We’re here.

He stepped out of his craft and as he stood on top of the hill he could see the city just beneath his feet. It was a cold night and the intense city lights had taken the spotlight from the stars, you couldn’t see one even if you tried

  • From here, from the outside everything in my city looks so calm, as if all happiness and sadness, as if all problems and doubts, were silenced by the distance. And I have brought some of my own here, and some I left behind, they are waiting for me, should I be lucky enough to return home to face them.

As he turned around and looked toward the other side of the mountain, he saw shadows on the valleys, pitch black paths. 

  • Nice, darkness, time to get lost in her gaze.

This guy is talking loco. What does it mean to get lost in her gaze? However, as he followed the shadow of the valley his eyes met the horizon, small lights started to paint the sky, he looked up and thousands of stars were raining on him, floating and calling. 

  • Are those lights too filled with chaos, with happiness and sadness? Maybe the light or maybe the void, the darkness and the unknown can have something to say for our benefit.

He kept looking up in silence, then he said.

  • This is where it all begins.

What begins?.

  • There is something out there.

He pointed to the sky.

  • I will find it, for those sounds and colors I’m listening to, those vibrations feel to be ciphered messages and words that are coming from out there, and we will decode them, I will bring them here, for everyone who needs them, for us. If that may be at all possible.

He kept pointing, but this time he moved his finger and suddenly stopped. He was looking for one specific star, he was looking for Eärendil, the most distant star ever observed in the Cosmos, but there is no spotting Eärendil with the naked eye.

  • I will go to our Light Horizon and I will bring the Light of Eärendil. 

Damn, that sounds tight, I gotta admit that, and I don’t know what Light Horizon means, but let’s check it out.

  • It may be a one way ticket, but if we manage to return, we’ll return with something for sure.

Wait, one way ticket? I’m not signing up for that.

  • It’s a dangerous game, and you’re coming with. 

And this is how the path of something like an Astronauts Journey begins. The way and connection to the Cosmos, the exploration and search of messages through music and stories we can all relate to in any point we stand in our lives. Let’s look ourselves in the mirror, for this will be the understanding of hard and cold truths, truths that we will experience together.

  • Ok, are you done? We gotta go. 

Let’s go. Just let me say this for those who need it, for those I believe will get a lot of this crazy ride of yours, myself included, from this very moment, before we even get to our final destination: I give you the Light of Eärendil, our most beloved star. May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out.

  • God damn, man, that’s deep, nice quote.

That’s Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, son.

  • Well, keep ’em coming.

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Prologue – The Light of Eärendil
Chapter 1 -Rogue