String Theory (QD) – Francisco J Gordillo

A composition of musical instruments by Francisco J Gordillo. The name of this song comes from a powerful theory, here’s the story.

This song is called String Theory because it’s a song I made up only using string instruments along with other orchestral instruments. This song is part of my Quantum Difference Project (QD) and I wrote it inspired in some masterpieces such as: Concierto de Aranjuez, Sarabande, Por Una Cabeza among others (shared with you below). This is one of the many first compositions which belongs in one of the different musical genres ill be exploring. This is my song String Theory

Almost all instruments: violins, cellos and violas are MIDI, I made them as real as possible but I would like to record this song with real audio from real instruments. So, if someone is interested in recording this song please let me know.

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    string theory

    It is something that can make you question everything you know, sometimes incredible, of high interest and without a doubt, it is worth a look to see what it is about. It’s an exceptional interesting theory that, if ever proven, would unify everything in the quantum world with the laws of physics which govern the World in which we live on today.

    It’s a single equation that unifies Einstein’s theory of General Relativity (which explains how gravity works over great scale) with Quantum Physics, the science of the tiniest matter. The problem is that they are at war with one another, they are inconsistent and incompatible (so far); but bringing them together would give us the theory of everything.

    String Theory takes you before the Big Bang, it tells you that there is a Multiverse of Universes. It is also one of the most important topics when talking about Dimensions, since this theory tells us there are 11 of them.

    important string theory stuff

    This Theory says that all particles are not solid points as science describes them. If you could see them close, you would see tiny particles that vibrate in certain ways. So, atoms have both protons and neutrons that are made of quarks (subatomic bits made out of smaller parts); quarks are believed to contain the main ingredient of everything: tiny loops of energy called Strings (which we cant see yet). It is as if Nature doesn’t want to reveal a secret.

    For this theory to work, extra dimensions of space are needed. In every point of space there is an extra dimension of space that is curled up into little tiny knots that you cant see because they are too small.

    The shape of the extra dimensions determines the fundamental features of our universe. You can say that Strings are like the DNA of the Universe, they determine how the Universe is going to behave the same way DNA determines how animals are going to look. Or the same way a cello string can produce various notes depending on how it vibrates.


    There used to be 5 different String Theories, each competing for the title of the theory of everything until Edward Witten stepped in and unified them all. He proposed a new perspective of String Theory. From this point of view, he made everyone else understand that there weren’t 5 different theories but 5 different ways of looking at the same theory. For his revolutionary work, the name of M theory was given to String Theory. According to Witten, M stands for magic, mystery or matrix.

    M-theory needs 11 dimensions for the theory to make sense, yet we only see 3 space dimensions. The extra dimensions allows the string to stretch in something like a membrane, a brain that could be 3 dimensional or more. With enough energy a brain could grow to a great size, as big as a universe.

    The existence of giant membranes and extra dimensions would open a possibility that our whole universe is living on a membrane inside a much larger higher dimensional space, almost as if we were living inside a slice of bread where each slice of bread represents one universe, this loaf is what physicist call the bulk.

    If every slice of bread were a universe.

    Francisco J Gordillo Teoría de Cuerdas (QD)

    string theory, dark enery, multiverse

    There are 10 to the 500 (10 followed by 500 ceros) different possible shapes for the extra dimensions, each appear equally valid. The multiple solutions of String Theory might each represent a real and very different Universe. So basically you’ll get a huge amount of different possibilities, you’ll get a Multiverse.

    Moreover, without even trying, String Theory solved the problem of the amount of Dark Energy in our Universe. The strange amount of Dark Energy measured in our Universe is just one precise quantity that is specific for our Universe; other Universes have different quantities of Dark Energy and may look completely different than ours. If there is a Multiverse of Universes, we should find exact copies of our Universe with duplicates of everything and everyone. This happens the same way in a deck of cards.

    Francisco J Gordillo Teoría de Cuerdas (QD)
    Each combination results in a different Universe

    When you shuffle 52 cards, ideally everyone gets a different hand, but over the course of many rounds, some of the combinations will start to repeat, that’s because with 52 cards there is a limited number of different hands you can deal, if you deal the cards an infinite number of times then repeating hands are inevitable, in the Multiverse a similar principle applies.

    In any part of space, these can be arranged in a finite number of different ways. If space is infinite and if there are an infinite number of Universes, then certain arrangements are destined to repeat themselves; each of us being just a specific combination of particles. Keep in mind that according to this theory, somewhere there is a duplicate of you, me, and everyone else.

    Francisco J Gordillo Teoría de Cuerdas (QD)
    Copies of Earth – Multiverse

    Universe meant all there is, everything, more than one Universe seemed impossible before. If we could go beyond our solar system, beyond our milky way, to distant galaxies, past the end of the observable Universe, we’ll find that there is more, much more, our Universe is not alone, there might be other Universes and other Universes that come to life constantly. We could be living in a Multiverse.

    I think one of the messages of String Theory has to do with the immensity of the idea of how much more exists in the Universe, in the Multiverse apart from Earth. The “finite infinity” of universes, of stars, of planets, of suns, of lives that are out there while we are here, is this small planet orbiting a huge star but a star that is tiny next to others. What else could be happening in the Universe, in the Multiverse? Furthermore, the search to bring together two fields that apparently seem impossible to group together, that are at war but that could somehow coexist, is interesting. It is a great example of the ways to find a solution to an issue that can make you question many areas of life, issues that require solutions for the good of all, such as religion, politics, the extreme and divisive ideologies that harms the Planet so much.

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