Starlight Extinction ft. Kb – Frankia

When is the Sun’s birthday? When will it die? This is the song created by Frankia and Kb and its story.

We made this song with my cousin KB. The main reason this song is named starlight extinction is because of an anime that we’ve been watching since we were kids, called Saint Seya. The show is built around Greek Mythology and the idea of Saints or Fighters that take names from constellations and stars.

It’s about human protectors of Athena and peacekeepers of the World. Every fighter trains and combats to earn the title of a “saint”. Each Knight has strengths that go along their mythological name. In this case, Starlight extinction is a strength and power from the golden zodiac saint called Mu from the constellation Aries.

This track also carries this name because of the reasons of extinction of the Light of a star. This extinction happens in several ways since not all stars die the same way. If we take our sun for example, which has been shining for the past 4.5 billion years, its death will go on in phases; the sun won’t die in the near future, but it will in about 5 billion years. But don’t worry, by then we will all be dead.

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    goodbye sun

    Before explaining, it’s important to know that all stars are made up of Hydrogen and Helium. Every second our sun burns 554 million tons of its hydrogen fuel at its core, hydrogen that eventually will run out. When this happens, the sun will swell up into a red giant (the last phase on stars that have the size and mass of our sun), its size will grow so much that it will engulf the orbits of Mercury, Venus and Earth. By that time we may be in a pickle, so live as much as you can.

    The distance from earth to the sun is about 150 million km, that’s how much the sun will swell up in its last phase (160 million is the expansion calculation). And the Sun said “if I leave, I will take two or three with me” – Sun.

    All the stars in the Universe shine as a result of an epic fight between Gravity and Fusion. Gravity wants to destroy the star, it wants to compress it. Fusion, on the other hand, wants to avoid just that by fusing hydrogen into helium. It’s like stress balls, you crush them with your hand, but they always return to being a round ball. This happens because a balance is created, gravity pushes inward and fusion pushes outward. This is the life of all the stars; There is no place to worry about your friends, having children, getting a master’s degree, no Facebook, they are in an epic battle, they live fast, burn bright and some die young.

    As hydrogen is used up, the fusion at the stars core slows down; this gives gravity an advantage. With less fusion pushing outward, gravity crushes the star in on itself. Gravity wins the battle with fusion and triggers and event that kills the star. But fusion fights back by heating the stars outer layers (when you heat up a gas, it expands, this is why the sun will expand into about 100 million miles across). This death occurs in stars that have the mass of our sun, if they were heavier and larger, they would cause Supernovas and everyone who lives nearby would be screwed.

    Read Collapse (DC), it’s about Super and Hypernovas.

    The giant star is self-destructing, the core becomes unstable and with no hydrogen to fuel it, the star begins burning helium and fusing it to carbon. It’s destroying itself from the inside out. It starts blasting energy from the core to the surface; these energy waves blow away the suns outer layers. Slowly, it disintegrates and all that remains is an intense hot White dwarf, that is no larger than the Earth but a million times denser. Like having a tennis ball but with a weight of Mount Everest.

    At the core of a White Dwarf, there is a giant crystal of pure carbon, a cosmic diamond.


    You can say that the titan Gravity has endless powers, an infinite force to compress anything for as long as it wants.

    The more massive an object, the greater the gravity, that is boss.
    Scientists still can’t find the gravity particle called the graviton.


    Its power is nuclear fusion. Fuses hydrogen atoms to helium atoms, which creates light that’s send toward the outer layers. Has a limited amount of hydrogen fuel. Scientists still can’t recreate nuclear fusion.

    Imagine you have these two titans on a ring, they fight for a cause, and they represent two different things and want different outcomes for the star. So they engage in a fight, in an epic battle that lasts millions and billions of years. Their ideals and powers result in incredible strengths, their commitment to fight for what they want makes this combat a legendary one. In this clash, as time goes on, no one puts theirs arms down, they can’t, and it seems like no one will win, like if it was a tie; but then something happens, something that gives the titan gravity the advantage and the chance to beat fusion once and for all.

    During the fight, fusion has left it all, body and soul, but eventually it starts running out of hydrogen fuel, it becomes slower, weaker, its moves aren’t hurting gravity anymore. Here is when gravity, seeing his adversary so vulnerable, hits hard and takes the lead, it starts winning the battle, which results in the crushing of the star. It all seems lost, like if the stars fate is set, but in an honorable, heroic and admirable act, fusion rises to give gravity one last punch, fusion heats up the outer layers of the sun and swells up. This is something incredible that happens to stars with the same mass and size as our own and something that will happen to our sun. 


    Fusion allows this event to happen, and even though it managed to rise up for one last comeback, for one last time, fusion has lost the epic battle, gravity is the victor and crushes the star in on itself, the stars fate is set, the sun… has died.

    The Sun is one of the reasons we are here but also, the reason we wont be. Our Sun will keep on living for another 5 billion years, but what if you knew that the Sun were to die tomorrow, or in one week or even in a year, what would you be doing right now?

    There are different ways of analyzing the death of our sun, of the Starlight Extinction, you can consider Gravity as the bad guy, as the one that roots and wants death while fusion roots for life and is trying to save the star. Or maybe it could be the other way around. Gravity wants death because death brings life to new stars; the remains of stars create nebulas that eventually create stars and planets. So Gravity actually can be considered pro Life. On the other hand, fusion doesn’t want death because that would mean new life and new stars that will replace the ancient one.

    There are always different ways of looking at things. I like a combination of both, the circle of life, things should come to an end, everything should give way to new creations; besides, the limited time we have makes life more meaningful and memorable. I also think we should be more like fusion in one thing, and that is that even if fusion knows that the star will die and that Gravity will win the war, fusion will fight until its last breath in order to let the star live at its fullest for as much time as posible while giving the opportunity to other life to thrive and emerge, like us.

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