Quantum Difference (QD)

The songs on Quantum Difference (DC), Frankia, start from a single musical scale from which thousands of songs from different genres can come. That is the quantum difference, when all the possible possibilities of a single event play out in different universes. Everything that can happen, will happen.

Quantum Difference Project is a project Ive made thats based on Quantum Mechanics. Its about the countless opportunities that emerge from a single event and how they can all happen in parallel universes. Anything that can happen, will happen (some with more possibility than others).

So the music Ive made is based on a single musical scale from which thousands of songs from different genres may appear. In this case, Ive chosen to produce and write lots of songs from different genres, especially Electronic. 3 out of the 4 songs belong in different sub genres of EDM: Oscura (QD), Dimensions (QD), Collapse (QD); and the other one is a composition of Orchestral instruments: String Theory (QD). They carry the acronym “QD” to identify them as part of the Quantum Difference Project.

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    quantum mechanics

    Part of its studies include the quantum realm, the small world of atoms and its elemental particles (electrons, protons, neutrons). One of the experiments made in this field, called the double slit experiment, resulted in incredible and unexplainable discoveries. It consists of a beam of light passing through two holes to later end in a black screen. Like in the picture below. This video explains further about the double slit experiment.

    What happens is something that scientists did not expect and still cant explain completely. The results shows us many behaviors and completely new unknown paths that occur in the small world. In addition, it tells us that an electron has the capacity of being in different places at the same time; moreover, about the different roads an electron might take and the possibility of finding this elementary particle in a specific place.

    Electrons are crazy, man.

    So, because we are made of atoms, which contain electrons, which can be in several places at the same time, its believed (cant be proven yet in high scales) that every person can exists in different universes, in parallel universes.

    The experiment calls into question many issues, especially the fact of whether we are unique, not as an “intelligent” species but in identity, the certainty that there is no one else in this Universe just as identical to each one of us. On the other hand, the experiment tells us that the simple act of observing an electron alters its result and behavior; The interaction that is created by observing it defines its position and what it is. So, it is like saying that if I look at the moon it is because I have just defined its position, because if I don’t look at it, then it is not there. When Einstein talked about this topic he used to say: “I like to think that the moon is there even if I’m not looking at it.”

    Quantum difference is really interesting because it applies directly to our lives in the way of how a single event can present many roads and opportunities that you can follow and how all of them can happen in parallel universes.

    Anything that can happen, will happen. Still, everything in life revolves around possibilities, you and your surroundings are the only ones responsible for increasing or decreasing your chances of success in anything.

    For example, lets say your childhood dream was to become a professional football player, play in the NFL, play along Tom Brady or Richard Sherman or play in the Superbowl; even if you didn’t follow that road, it happened anyway and you are the one living it in a parallel universe. This means that your other you (meaning you in another universe) is actually living it (this doesn’t seem believable but keep in mind the explanation and the videos from above and you’ll realize that it can be completely real). So lets say that you are really talented and skillful, or maybe not, but instead of being a football player, you decided to be an architect. Right now, you are an architect, which means that you didn’t pursue or didn’t achieve your childhood dream (for personal or non personal reasons), but your other you (meaning you in another universe) did and has managed to become a great football player in a parallel universe.

    the road not taken

    I think that there are different types of reasons that get in the way of a dream and I think they belong in two categories: the ones that actually get in the way and the ones that don’t. In the first category, factors like: health, financial status, family issues and access to necessary tools. I think these reasons can be determinant in specific cases and situations but still, I think we have seen people overcome these circumstances.

    In the second category we find fear, fear of failing one time or many times, of disappointing our parents, of being criticized and judged by society, or maybe fear of getting out of our comfort zone and regretting to do so, or simply because we are afraid of taking a risk that may change the course of our lives.

    Fear creates obstacles and lives inside you most of the time; there we have it. And the more we feel it, the more it embraces us and the more it controls us, but only if we allow it. We can face it and understand it, and we understand it when we realize that it was a fear of the unknown, since once you live it, you no longer look at it as fear, but as a realized experience, perhaps.

    I think having and feeling fear is a good thing; I don’t find it wrong at all because being afraid pushes you to do things, forces you to move. When you are scared you get a choice, a risk, either you do something about it to see what happens or you do nothing and never know what could have been. Letting fear submit you is the same as carrying on with you a doubt for the rest of your life. The good thing is that we can face our fears by taking risks, which can lead to the best experiences of our lives.

    One thing is to try and another thing is to try it all the way to the end, being able to say and feel that you gave your all. And even if you couldn’t reach your goal, you’ll know that you left everything, body and soul, you have what it takes to pursue new objectives. The important thing to keep in mind, is that the path we take will always rest upon each one of us, that is why we always have to take the best decision and the road we want to live the most right now. This is the Quantum Difference.

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