Entanglement ft. EmiEm – Frankia

Einstein called this phenomenon ghostly action at a distance and he did not like this topic very much. Einstein was wrong. This is Entanglement by Frankia, a song with EmiEm, this is the story.

When you enter a bar o a club, there is music playing, any type of music that you follow along by moving according to the beat, rhythm and instruments. These elements dictate your dancing moves or your body motion; in a way they sentence your response in the environment. Entanglement, a term that comes from Quantum Mechanics, is kind of like that in the way that certain actions define certain things.

I think that any musical genre can be applied with Entanglement, but I have chosen Flamenco because I think it’s the best form of Entanglement and for the reasons in the interaction that instruments have with the Flamenco dancer. Her actions are dictated by the acoustic guitar, the box drum, by the claps, the castanets and by the Flamenco vocals. Her dance moves change as soon as these instruments do, and, in a way, thats what Entanglement is all about.

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    quantum mechanics

    The World we live in is governed by the laws of physics such as Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, among others. Yet, those are the laws that only rule the Universe in great scales. If we account for the world in smaller scales, the Quantum Realm, we discover that the rules in the Quantum Realm are much more different than the ones we are used to. Matter behaves different. That is why scientists have developed a new set of rules to explain what’s going on, this is called the Quantum Theory.

    One of the incredible things that Quantum theory tells you has to do with the instantaneous communication you may have in the Cosmos. For this process to come true, something called Quantum Entanglement take place. Its importance is such that Scientists are all over Entanglement for military and civilian purposes.


    When two sub atomic particles interact, they can become entangled, that means that their properties such as spin and position become linked through a process that is not yet understood by scientists. If you make a measurement in one of these particles, then that instantaneously determines what the behavior of the other particle should and will be. When the experiments is done, its found that in deed the particles quantum state is exactly determined once you made a measurement of the partners particle quantum state.

    If a scientist observes one entangled particle and forces it to spin clockwise, the other entangled particle will immediately start spinning in the other direction. This seems kind of weird but not necessarily life changing or impressive, but it does become impressive and mind blowing when you consider that the two entangled particles can be separated by millions of lights years and still, the moment you observe the one particle spin, you have dictated and sentenced the other particles spin.

    This suggests that information may have travelled instantaneously faster than the spin of light from one particle to another. Spooky action at a distance, as Einstein called it, and he had another explanation for this topic which bothered him a lot, he preferred the explanation that all along, particles had hidden information that we couldn’t know until we measured them. So, since that information was already in the particles then no signal would have to travel between those two particles faster than light. Unfortunately, Einstein was not correct in his view about Entanglement.

    So going back to the Flamenco example, it would be like saying that the guitar player, the box drum player, the claps and the castanets are all playing together in Boston and the Flamenco dancers are in Chicago, even though the Flamenco crew is separated, when the artists in Boston play, the dancers in Chicago dance instantaneously to whatever rhythm or beat played in the guitar, box drum, castanets and claps.

    Distance doesn’t matter in Quantum Entanglement, the Flamenco crew could be divided in locations such as Ecuador and New Zealand, Ecuador and the center of our Milky Way, the center of our Milky Way and Andromeda or even further away, one particle separated billions of light years away from another particle. The action in one instantly affects the other no matter how distant it may be. Einstein was right, it is a Spooky action at a distance and apparently, it is something that brakes the rule the there is nothing that can travel faster than light.

    Check out my post Quantum Difference Project to know more about Quantum Mechanics and some weird things that happen in it, for example the double slit experiment, the life that we may live in parallel Universes and the countless possibilities that emerge from one single event.

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