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In the same place where you are there is also a dinosaur eating another dinosaur. This can happen, this is Dimensions by Frankia.

Maybe right now you are watching TV or reading this really entertaining blog in your room, consider that in the same space you are reading, there is also a dinosaur eating another dinosaur, or maybe something less sad and happier. This may seem impossible but still, its part of something called the Multiverse theory. In the Multiverse theory, that meaning more than one Universe, it might be that dinosaurs never extinguished, right now dinosaurs and humans may live but in different dimensions. We are in the same place but we can’t see them and they can’t see us because we are in different dimensions, besides if they could see us they would eat us.

This song is named dimensions because of the sounds that it seems to me to be like entering and switching dimensions. I think certain parts take you to extremes, like it’s heaven and hell. Also, it’s part of my project Quantum difference (QD).

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    what are dimensions?

    Dimensions have to do with the independent directions in which we can move. They are also known as degrees of freedom. The more dimensions or degrees of freedom we have the more we can do.

    To understand dimensions, a good example would be if you have a plan to meet some friends; What is required to execute that plan? You need a place and a time. For example, you wouldn’t say “let’s meet at 11pm” without saying where, or “let’s meet at Burger King” but without mentioning a time.

    To meet someone you need 3 space coordinates (height, width and depth) and 1 time coordinate which results in the 4 dimensions in which we live. So, it would be something like this: 432 Avenue, Pent-house at 9pm. It is an exact place using the 4 dimensions.

    In the space dimensions: height, width and depth, we are free to access all points of our 3 dimensional Space. This meaning that we can run left and right, jump up and down and walk forwards or backwards; we can do this as many times as we want. However, the 4th dimension called time keeps us prisoners in the present, we are forever transitioning from the past into the future with no possibility of accessing the past or the future.


    There is a scene in the movie Interstellar where the protagonist and the talking robot fall into a black hole and then find themselves inside a Tesseract. It is believed that the chances of surviving such an approach to a black hole are too low (if not none) but in the movie, it happens.

    I wrote another post about a song, Collapse (QD), to know more or less what happens if you find yourself very close to or inside a black hole.

    So, what is a Tessaract? This is like a higher dimensional object, higher dimensional meaning higher than the 3 space dimensions and the 1 time dimension we live in. If you see the movie Avengers or Thor with Natalie Portman 🙂 I think they mention this object that allows the mighty Thor to teleport or move really fast from one place to another (we should have those).

    So anyways, back to the Interstellar scene, when the academy award winner falls into the black hole and into the Tesseract, he immediately enters a higher dimension. Things get weird, you can see that he is able to access and watch everything of his timeline, of his life’s events. He is outside of the 3 space dimensions and the 1 time dimension; he is in a higher dimension where he can observe the 4 dimensions that we live in now.

    So, since he is not a prisoner of the time dimension, he is now able to access any event of his life at any time that happened, any event. This is exciting information. So when Matthew Mcconaughey enters the Tesseract, he is looking at the specific point of his life when he is about to leave his daughter. He finds it and he starts trying to tell himself not to go, yelling that he should stay. No matter how much he tries to prevent himself from going, the event already happened, he always had to leave so he could always try to prevent himself from going. The message his daughter interprets is a message that necessarily had to be given by him.

    If we go to a higher dimension its not unrealistic to think that you have now stepped out of the time dimension and can now look at time as we now look at space. Crazy stuff.

    higher dimensions

    What this basically means is that when you enter a higher dimension, you can see every detail of your life, a place where you are always born, always dying, always going to college, dates, parties, birthdays etc. Your whole timeline lies in front of you and you have access to it, you can re-live it, not necessarily interfere with it, and yet, ¿what is the necessity of jumping to it and interfering if it is already there?

    One last example of dimensions that I think is really helpful: let’s say we are kayaking in a lake and there are some fish swimming in the clear water. You can see them swimming from above but they (some fish) can’t see you, they don’t know you are up there because they don’t know there is another dimension above. The fish have no idea of what there is above the water they live in. I think Dimensions can also be though as places we can be in, see and experience or maybe, places we may not be in, see or experience.

    string theory

    This is one of the most important topics when talking about dimensions; it’s a really interesting theory that if ever proven, would unify everything in the quantum world with the laws of physics which govern the World in which we live on today; it would change everything. Since this theory is of great importance by its own, I have separated the topics Dimensions and String Theory into two different songs and blog posts. I invite you to listen to my song String Theory and to read the blog post, which is about one of the most interesting topics you will ever stumble upon.

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