Collapse (QD) – Frankia

And after all that it was, all that it could be, past the end of his time, there was still life. This is Collapse by Frankia, This is the story of such a powerful word.

The Universe is full of extreme phenomena, a place where events collapse, they are chaotic and shocking. But, the end of these events is not in the collapse. The end is just the beginning of something much bigger; because after anything collapses, life emerges; us, and everything we see, comes from it.

Have you ever looked at the sky and thought how the Universe began, or how it will end? Or why are there some lights that shine brighter than others? Perhaps these are things we take for granted, after all, we are already here. But the meanings these questions carry are very powerful. This song is named Collapse (QD) because of this type of information. Collapse (QD) is also part of my project Quantum Difference (QD)

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    The first reasons is because of predictions of how the universe will end, whether it will collapse in on itself into one single point and blow up, or, if it will keep on expanding and end up in a terrible freeze.

    The second one is how a massive star (hundreds even thousands of times bigger than our sun) ends its life by exploding like a boss and collapsing in on itself to form a black hole.

    And the last is because of a sound I used during the song, it’s the introduction sound that I imagine being like particles traveling, moving, crashing and fusing with other particles.

    the end of the universe

    In one hand we have the end in a freezing big stretch (hopeless, boring and sad, but possible). To understand why, this is why: When the Universe began in a Big Bang, a force called Dark Energy (nearly 70% of everything we know in the Universe is made up of Dark Energy, scientists do not know what it is or what it looks like, but it’s called dark energy because its unknown but still, it’s there and it’s real). Oscura (dark) is another song of Frankia which involves this topic as well.

    The Freezing Big Stretch is a result of Dark Energy and the forever-growing Universe, Dark Energy will cause everything to be so far apart that there would be too much space between Galaxies, Solar Systems, Stars, planets, things and the fabric of time-space; the outcome of this, is light taking forever to reach a near celestial body. And if you think things can’t get any worst well then you are wrong my friend because sometimes they can. Scientists know that there are more stars dying than new stars coming to life. Billions of years from now, the last star will cease to shine, add that with the expanding freezing Universe, and you get a dark, cold end of a Universe.

    On the other hand, a better ending is the collapse of the Universe which will end in an explosion! Opposite to the cold Big Stretch, this will be a chaotic ending. This time, Dark Energy will stop expanding the Universe and Gravity will begin to collapse everything. Little by little, gravity will bring planets, stars and galaxies together, it will compress them into a single point, and this is where everything gets fired up.

    All matter and energy comes together, collides and explodes. To be honest this does not look good, at all, but it is still hopeful, because after the hell that this collapse brings, when everything is concentrated in a single point, a great explosion will be generated. It is believed that a new Big Bang will begin. Keep in mind and remember that when it seems that all is lost, there is still hope for a possible new Universe where new life can exist and thrive.

    death of a star

    Collapse refers to how stars collapse when they reach the end of their life’s, how the star crushes in on itself to die and to give life to other amazing things, like a Supernova or a black hole.

    If you check out Starlight Extinction, you can also read about how our Sun will die and know what triggers the death of a star. It will help you to better understand this post.

    All stars are giant nuclear fusion reactors pumping energy outward (they use hydrogen as fuel), at the same time, the stars extreme gravity crushes inward,; es así como se crea un balance en la estrella, no colapsa por la fusión y no explota gracias a la gravedad. For millions and billions of years, fusion and gravity clash in an epic battle with the goal of crushing the star or blowing it up.

    Once the star runs out of hydrogen, fusion stops and gravity wins, in a millisecond, the core shrinks to a fraction of its original size and a baby Black hole is born, immediately, this bad boy starts to cannibalize what’s left of the star, it eats the gas so fast that it chokes and coughs huge beams of energy that are released through its poles. The Black Hole eats its way out from the star. Sadly, the star is dead before it hits the ground

    Finally the star explodes in a Supernova, in one second it blasts out 100 times more energy than our sun will produce over its entire life, what’s left of the star is a new Black hole and two jets of energy traveling through the universe at the speed of light, these jets are called gamma ray bursts. If a planet were in the path of these rays, it would be vaporized.

    1 gamma ray burst every day, one Black hole born every day

    black hole

    Is the result of the death of a star, of its collapse; and even though the star dies, it brings out to life a feared and dangerous Black hole. Things get weird in a Black Hole, really weird, freaky and hard to understand. Something important to consider is that in a black hole, gravity becomes incredibly heavier, stronger and dense.

    If you’ve seen the movie Interstellar, they explain the effects that a black has on objects that get too close, like Time Dilation, gravity, time travel, and the event horizon.

    Important note: the event horizon is like the line between the inside of the black hole and the outside, it’s the Edge of time and space of the universe we know, after that things are just weird and complex. When something crosses the event horizon, then it will never be able to go back, not even light can escape the massivenesseses ses that is this monstrous gravity. So maybe don’t go there, or maybe go there, see what happens.

    Another important note: if you ever find yourself traveling towards a black hole and you somehow manage to cross the event horizon of a black hole (that meaning if you actually survived the journey towards it since gravity will crush you) then you will never be able to come back and cross the event horizon again.  

    So anyways, the laws of physics brakes down at the instant of a Black hole, time stops, gravity becomes infinite. For example, if you are watching from a safe distance towards a black hole and if you send a robot or a person (a suicidal person) towards it, the robot probe seems to freeze while falling all the way through the event horizon because its clock is going infinitely slower compared to yours, but in reality the probe keeps going and finally crosses the event horizon, but you, at a distance, still see the robot or person as if it were frozen.

    albert einstein

    In his theories, Albert Einstein proved that stars could tap into energy inside atoms. The secret of stars is the equation e= mc2. Matter is concentrated energy, condensed energy, energy that has condensed into the atoms that make up our universe.

    Einstein showed that it’s possible to release this energy by smashing atoms together, its called fusion, THE (in capital letters because it is the bomb force) force that powers stars.

    When two atoms of hydrogen smash into each other, they fuse and create a new element, helium, in the process a small amount of pure energy is created. The hydrogen gas weights more than the helium, so you’ve lost mass in the process of burning, that mass that you lost turns into energy.

    The Engine that drives the star is gravity, that’s why stars are huge, you need that amount of gravity in order to compress the star to create great amount of heat sufficient to ignite nuclear fusion, which is the reason why stars shine. Fusion at a core of a star generates the explosive force of a billion nuclear bombs every second. A star is a gigantic hydrogen bomb; it doesn’t blow up because gravity is compressing the outer layers of the star.

    live fast, burn bright, die young

    If this were marketing this would be like the slogan of massive stars because their lives are fast, they shine brighter than other stars and they die young. The bigger a star is, the brighter it is and the faster it comes to an end. Massive stars are known to generate large temperatures and pressure; such gravity they carry can fuse larger and larger atoms.

    Imagine that the core of a massive star is like a factory that creates heavier and heavier elements which is also what leads to the stars destruction. Since massive stars are really really massive, they use their Hydrogen faster and in larger amounts than smaller stars.

    So basically once the stars runs out of Hydrogen, it starts creating other elements, and the minute the star creates Iron the star is lost. Iron absorbs energy, when the star creates iron; it only has seconds to live. The star fights to survive by dumping energy into the iron ball, it tries to make it fuse but it cant, that ball is robbing the star of energy, it is that energy that is supporting the star itself and as soon as iron is created, the star is condemned. The battle between gravity and fusion is over, with iron in the scene, fusion hits a dead end and gravity wins. So, the iron core collapses and a violent event emerges, a supernova!

    While the star is collapsing, and considering the extreme heat of the explosion, heavier elements are forged such as gold, silver and platinum; because there is so little time for the elements to form, they are the rarest and most valuable in the universe. This is why we find Gold in small amounts and this is why it is so expensive in our planet. In addition, other elements are formed: oxygen, carbon, silicon and iron; raw materials that are sent out to the Universe in a Supernova, such elements are the ones responsible for the creation of new stars, planets and of course, us. Everything we see around us once blasted out from a fiery core of a star. Without Supernovas, there is no you, there is no me and there’s no existence of what we all know today as Life.

    Nothing is simple, nothing ever is. Do you think light is simple? Let’s take it as an example, when a photon or particle of Light is created, it has a long way to go just to reach the stars surface, when the photon is created in the nucleus it doesn’t get very far before it slams into another photon, proton, atom something. It gets absorbed and shot out into another direction; it has to work its way out. It takes the photon thousands and thousands of years to get from the sun’s core to the sun’s surface, once it hits the surface, it’s only an 8 minute trip from there to Earth.

    Nothing is simple, something as complex as the Universe can show us events that we can learn from. Everything Collapses, everything has a beginning and an end, the important thing I believe is to make the difference between these two points of life. Life can get difficult, life can seem to get bad, it may collapse, but as we can learn from our Universe and stars, after collapse, life comes.

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